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Welcome to the St. Louis Star Ball website. We are looking forward to March 2019, the 35th anniversary of the St. Louis Star Ball.

Results for 2018 are availailble at:

Scoresheets for 2018 are availble at:

If you are ready to book your room for 2019, here you go!!

St. Louis Starball (Includes Comp Parking)

Start date: 3/5/19
End date: 3/10/19
Last day to book: 2/15/19

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

· Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel for 104.00 USD per night

As proud members of the Dancers Cup Tour and the Dancesport Series , we promise to provide you with a warm, friendly atmosphere. Suzy will help you at the registration desk, David and Steve will be available to help make your weekend of dancing as enjoyable as possible.

David and Suzy Nyemchek, Steve Brockman

Please feel free to email or call us with any ideas for helping us give you the best competition experience possible! Thank you, David, Suzy and Steve